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Weekly Runday Races

Kyiv, Kremenchuk, Ternopil, Lviv, Kolomyia, Uzhhorod, Odesa
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Date: 20 July 2024, Saturday
Time start: 08:45
Organizer: Runday

Distances: 5km

Price of registration:


Weekly 5-kilometre timed runs in Ukraine.

Our mission is to have 1 million Ukrainians regularly running or walking 5km.

Runday events are free to enter and open to everyone and because all race results are recorded online you can monitor your progress or compete with your friends.

Our races are free, public events run by volunteers. There are no age or fitness restrictions so you can run like the wind or take a maintain a lighter pace to enjoy the distance. The main thing is that you enjoy yourself and stay healthy.


We welcome experienced runners and professional athletes but, we our most proud of members who started running because of our events.